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The LCS/Telegraphics Serial to HID Interface (SID) is a very low cost, single chip solution for adding USB connectivity to graphics tablets, touch screens, bar code readers or any other serial device that is primarily intended for input or data collection. It provides a  USB 2.0 low-speed compatible interface to the host system and a half duplex serial UART to the input device.
  • Very low cost, single chip USB interface solution.
  • Ideal for digitizers, touch screens, mice, data loggers, etc.
  • Half duplex serial connection (1200 - 19.2Kbps)
  • Full serial handshaking
  • Very low power - fully conforms to USB standby power specifications
  • Automatic power control
  • Does not require host system drivers.
  • Through-hole and SMT versions 
Instead of redesigning an existing serial input device to use USB, the SID chip provides an easy upgrade path. With the addition of external RS-232 level shifters, the SID chip can function as a stand-alone serial port and connect to your device's existing serial cable. Or add the SID chip to your device in place of existing serial line drivers and enjoy full USB connectivity without re-engineering your firmware.

Unlike USB serial interface chips which use a host side driver to emulate the existing serial interface on the host computer, our SID chips are programmed with custom firmware that translates the functional behavior of your device to the USB HID framework, so that your device can be used by applications without the headache of installing and supporting host side drivers.
Serial to USB HID Interface Chip
PS/2 to USB HID Interface Chip
LCS/Telegraphics' PS/2 to USB HID interface chips provide a very low cost way to convert an existing PS/2 pointing device or special purpose keyboard to a USB HID device. These parts are ideal for converting custom keyboards to USB HID devices.
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