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Collaborative Environments
Future Product Directions
Since its founding in 1980 LCS/Telegraphics has conducted an ongoing research and development program which has yielded dozens of new product ideas. Many of them have been adopted and brought to market by our customers. Listed below are some of the areas we are interested in and currently working on. If you are interested in adding to your product lines in these areas please contact us.
Scrolling is one of the most common interactions for computer users and is a major contributor to the ergonomic stress many users encounter. We have developed an alternative scrolling input device and are investigating its benefits for increased productivity and reduced ergonomic stress.
Broadband networks have enabled a new generation of remote meeting, conferencing and tele-presence applications. Voice over IP technology is simultaneously greatly reducing the cost of audio conferencing. However as great as the productivity and cost savings benefits of these technologies are, the complexity of bringing them together in a simple and effective way has hindered their use. We are in the final stages of a long term project to develop integrated solutions that simplify the integration of remote meeting capabilities into conference rooms.
Our years of experience in product and industry standards development, along with our contacts in the university research environment, provide us with a unique perspective on future trends in the input device and computer-human interaction market space. If you would like to enhance your organization's strategy for the future please contact us.
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