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25 Years of Innovation and Engineering Excellence
This year we are celebrating 25 years of innovation concentrated on the interface between computers and humans.  Over the years we have developed an unparalleled breadth of expertise in personal computer input devices.

LCS/Telegraphics provides our customers with leading edge product design concepts, and the engineering excellence to make them happen cost effectively. We have particular strengths in USB device design, firmware and driver software. Our president, Robert Dezmelyk chaired the USB Human Input Device (HID) standards committee, and is an acknowledged expert in HID device design.

As the market for personal computer input devices has evolved, and many of the traditional products have become low cost commodity components we have expanded the range of projects we undertake to include other PC peripherals which need the same type of low cost, highly reliable interfaces and software used by mass market input devices. Our USB and Wireless USB products are ideal for converting existing RS-232 based devices to simple to use USB or wireless interfaces.
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